Product Name : Active Soil & Filter 2L small
    Product No : 62AP-S02S
    Product Introduction

    Made from volcanic soil, it is ideal for aquatic plants, shrimp and fish. A scientifically formulated substrate made from natural volcanic soil, sintered into a soft, porous, and granular structure with excellent filtering power. 1.Natural volcanic soil: material is made from pure volcanic soil without adding anything. 2.Nutrient-rich volcanic soil: rich in minerals and elements that sustain plant growth. 3.Water condition is naturally adjusted: contains high concentrations of volcanic carbon, Al2O3, SiO2, etc.; can naturally maintain clear water for a long period of time. 4.Skilled sintering process: low temperature sintering helps retain abundant elements; irregular surface allows plant roots to better attach and grow. 5.Stable ecosystem: the porous and granular structure acts as a filtering system to nitrify and support the development of denitrifying bacteria and establish a stable ecosystem. 6.Natural organic acids: can soften water and lower pH and KH suitable for the growth and reproduction of shrimp, aquatic plants, and fish.


    Made In Japan