Taiwan Huey- Hung Aquarium Equipment Company is established in 1986. We start our business from the large scale discus breeding farm, then establish research and develop department and looking for cooperation with research institute to constantly develop the new products to fit in with marketing expect, we have always been publishing the new and originality products yearly. 

Shanghai Tong-Fa Aquarium Company is established in 2000, now we have factories in Taiwan and China to satisfy the different shipping of customers, we provide Taiwan quality, China price products. The ODM (Original Design Manufacture) way is also welcomed to manufacture customer¡¦s brand products. 

We have been stepping our paces on over all arrangement of aquarium market in China for over 8 years, and established complete points of sale. There are Guangzhou branch company at the south China, Shanghai branch company at middle China, and Beijin branch company at north China to master the all market in the country. At present we represent several Taiwan famous products: Huey-Hung aquarium complete series products, Hai-Feng fish feed, Zoo-life pet products, Aqua-zoo magazine and Japan GEX5 aquarium plant appliances. 


We are looking for the cooperation with famous oversea company product for China marketing positively; your initiative contact with us will be sincerely welcomed.